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Bashkir State Medical University, Study MBBS in Bashkir State University, Russia


September1, 1967 the Council of Ministers of the USSR on August 17,1967 No 796 and the Council of Ministers of the RSFSR of 21 August 1967 No 631 on the basis of the Volga branch of the Moscow Power Engineering Institute Constitute as the Chuvash State University,which the Council of Ministers of the RSFSR of 30 November 1967 No 882 named I. N. Ulyanova. October2, 2002 Chuvash State University I. N. Ulyanova included in the Companies House as aFederal State Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education"Chuvash State University I. None of the leading medical universities in the Russian Federation is the Bashkir State Medical University.For thousands of students coming from different backgrounds,the university has openedaworld of opportunities.

In 1932, Bashkir State Medical University was established as Bashkortostan Institute in Ufa. In 1933 the institute introduced the Department of foreign languages,Histology, and military conduct. In 1934 the institute opened the department of Normal Physiology, Operative Surgery, Pharmacology,Microbiology, Path-physiology, Internal Medicine,and General Surgery.

It is one of the top institutions in the center of the medical and pharmaceutical sciences of the Republic of Bashkortostan.Until 1961,there was only one faculty of General Medicine. Later,in 1970, it introduced the Faculty of Preventive Medicine.In 1976,the Faculty of Dentistry started and the Faculty of Pharmacy in 1981.

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