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MBBS Admission

It is definitely not an easy task to get MBBS Admission to Top Government Medical Colleges in India. Its a struggle which lac of students in India fight every year. Huge number of aspirants and less number of available seats make it extremely difficult for them to get these most coveted seats in government medical colleges. The system of getting MBBS Admission to the best government medical colleges in India is quite complicated due to which for students the best option to get chance to make dream come true for MBBS pursuing is Abroad Studies.

Our Counselling will help you to know and understand yourself,so that it will be very easy for you to think , what you want to do and how it will be beneficial for you. Education is the most powerful weapon which you can choose to change the world,so the goal of our counselling is not only to help you to make the decision but it will let you to achieve your future dreams.

MedDoviaus is the only organization in India which is run by the team of Doctors who had already completed their medical studies from abroad as well as India. Our organization is Recognised by different universities of Russia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Philippines, China, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Bangladesh. Experience of 6 years and a team of expert counselors make it possible for us to help students in choosing the most suitable universities for new students.

Documents required for Ukraine

How to Apply? In order to receive International student's invitation letter to study in Ukraine, you will have to provide with the following information and the following personal documents or e-mail this information:

  • Name, Surname,
  • Citizenship,
  • Date & place of birth,
  • Sex,
  • Passport number,
  • Passport validity (date of issue & expiry),
  • Permanent address,
  • Phone number, e-mail address,
  • A copy of the passport (pages with the photograph, date of birth and passport validity (date of issue & expiry),
  • Certificate of Completed School Education.

Invitation applications are accepted around the year. It takes from 2 to 4 days to process the documents with the Ministry of Higher Education and Science of Ukraine.

Upon receiving the invitation letter, the student must contact the Embassy of Ukraine in his / her country in order to apply for the student's visa. The following documents must be provided:

  • Application form
  • 3 photographs (3x4cm)
  • Original invitation letter sent to you by express post
  • Medical health certificate
  • HIV/AIDS test
  • Certificate of Completed Higher Secondary Education
  • Official bank documents confirming full payment of tuition fees (for students coming to Ukraine for the first time).

For students obtaining admission to the preparatory faculty or the first year:

  • Complete Higher Secondary School Certificate (including mark sheet) or a notarized copy, a translated copy of the Complete Higher Secondary School Certificate in Russian/Ukrainian language, certified by a notary from the Ukrainian Embassy in your country
  • Medical health certificate -original in English, translated copy of the Medical Health Certificate in Russian/Ukrainian language, certified by a notary or by the Ukrainian Embassy in your country
  • HIV/AIDS free certificate -original in English, a translated copy of the HIV/AIDS free certificate in Russian/Ukrainian language, certified by a notary or by the Ukrainian Embassy or in your country
  • 15 passport size (3x4 cm) photographs in matt finish.

In order to enter the territory of Ukraine and to be admitted into the University, a student should have the following documents:

  • Passport (validity -not less than 2 years), entry visa
  • Migration card (must be filled in by you in the airport upon arrival to Ukraine).

Additional documents for students obtaining admission to the Master's degree, Postgraduate course or Ph.D.:

  • Diploma/Degree Certificate, 2 notarized copies of the Diploma/Degree Certificate, 2 translated copies of the Diploma/Degree Certificate in Russian/Ukrainian language and certified by a notary from the Ukrainian Embassy in your country to carry out the equivalence procedure
  • Mark sheets of all academic years (including studied subjects, marks & hours for each subject), 2 notarized copies of the Mark sheets, 2 translated copies of the Mark sheets in Russian/Ukrainian language and certified by a notary from the Ukrainian in your country to carry out the equivalence procedure
  • A representative of MedDoviaus will meet the student at the airport holding MedDoviaus group education name board and accompany him/her to the university and the students' hostel. MedDoviaus must be informed of the flight details (flight number, date and time of arrival, city of arrival and name of airport) seven days in advance.

    The student will not be allowed to enter the territory of Ukraine if a representative of is not present at the airport with the power of attorney from the University. This is because of the official Rules and Regulations of Ukrainian Immigration Department.

Documents required for Russia

Step 1: Invitation letter to study in Russia

Before you can apply for a student visa, you first need to be accepted onto a course at a university so you can get an official invitation to come to Russia to study. A list of Russian universities, colleges and places of academic learning can be found

Invitations are typically issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia and the Federal Migration Service of Russia. However, for most students getting places through the standard procedure or paying fees, the invitation will come from the university. Once you have an invitation, it is valid for three months.

Step 2: Financing your Russian studies and scholarships

You will need to make sure you can cover your course and study costs in Russia. If you are looking to study at a state university in Russia or a university with state-funded places, you may be eligible to apply for a government scholarship. There is also state funding available to students from CIS countries.

International scholarships are granted by the Russian Ministry of Education and Science and are limited to 10,000 per year. If you win a place at a Russian university and are awarded a government scholarship, you will be given a six-digit number to use on your application.

Step 3: Applying to study in Russia

You can apply to up to six Russian educational institutions (typically no more than two in each federal region). You may need to pass an exam, attend an interview or undergo a competitive selection process, depending on where you are applying to and where you are from.

Preparing your Russian student visa application

To apply for your Russian student visa, you need to visit the Russian embassy or consulate in your home country. A list of Russian embassies and consulates worldwide is available here (official list, in Russian) and here.

The documentation that you need to submit along with your Russia student visa application form varies from country to country. You should always consult the embassy, consulate or authorised visa centre before submitting your visa application but generally you will need the following:

passport or ID, valid for at least 18 months from the issue date of your visa and with at least two blank pages, plus a photocopy of the front page. one recent passport-sized photograph (3.5x4.5cm) your official letter of invitation from the GUVM (it must be the original document, not a copy) medical certificate less than three months old showing that you are clear of HIV (AIDS). You may be asked to present the certificate in both Russian and your own language and include your passport details, information on the duration of the stay in Russia, details of the HIV test (date, medication series, official stamp of the clinic or hospital that carried out the test, signatures of the doctors and your own signature). An application form, which can be completed online but must be printed out so you can submit a hardcopy to the embassy, consulate or visa centre. If you are under 18 years old, you must also have a consent document signed by your parents or legal guardians which has also been certified by a notary.

All foreign visitors to Russia are required to register their stay at the local GUVM branch within seven days of arrival. If you are studying in Russia, this will often be done by the university or academic establishment where you are enrolled but you should check if this is done. Failure to register with the GUVM can result in a fine and in some cases expulsion from Russia. A list of local GUVM offices can be found here.

Your initial Russian student visa will generally be valid for 90 days. After arriving in Russia, you will need to arrange a Russian student visa extension through the GUVM to cover the duration of your course, up to a maximum of three years.

Russian student visa processing time

Visas are usually issued within two to five weeks, although visa centres often offer a fast-track service for an additional fee. The cost will vary according to where you live, so contact the Russian Embassy consulate or visa centre for confirmation.

Russian student visa application form

You will need to take a completed Russian student visa application form when visiting the Russian embassy or consulate. An electronic copy of the Russian student visa application form can be found here, which you can fill out online and print a copy to take with you.

Russian student visa costs

The Russian student visa costs vary from country to country, depending on whether the visa is single or multiple entry and whether you opt for standard or express service. As an example, Russian student visa costs for Indian students start at 150 $.

Visa Information

To receive a visa you should submit the following papers to the Consular Section of the Embassy:

Working hours

Receipt of documentation – from 10-00 a.m to 16-00 p.m

Time delivery of documents, with 3-00p.m to 5-00 p.m

Processing time (normal base): – no more than 7 working days.

Processing fees:

Visa 150$

The payment for visa shall be made according to the daily rate of Reserve Bank of India with the RBL Bank of the Consular account of the Embassy of the Kyrgyz Republic to the Republic of India , New Delhi:

The payment for visa is not refundable.

P.S. The fees for visas can be changed according to the current rate of US$.

Note: The Embassy reminds that the forms and documents necessary for visas should be submitted by applicants themselves and the visas should be checked after issuing. Upon receipt of your Passport you are kindly asked to check your visa with regard to the type of Visa, validity of Visa and personal data.

Main information

1) The payment for visa is not refundable.

2) The Embassy accepts only a check for payment of money for the visa.

3) Forms and documents submitted in a manner different from that described above will not be accepted by the Consular Section of the Embassy.

Please be advised that the citizens of India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka should come through registration process on the territory of Kyrgyzstan at the local Passport Department of the place of their staying.

Documents required for Belarus

Passport Requirements:

Original, signed passport valid for 6 months beyond stay in Belarus, with at least one blank passport page available for Belarus visa stamp. Amendment pages in the back of the passport are not suitable for Belarus visas.

Belarus Visa Application Form:

One Belarus visa application form. After placing your order, fill out the application form included in your Visa Application Kit. The Belarus application form should be completed in block letters and signed. The form must be filled out completely, with no abbreviations and no blank spaces. The inviting organization’s full name and address must be included on the application form. If a question does not apply, please type "N/A". If the answer is none, write "NONE". Signature must be original on each application.

Photo Requirements:

One recent 2 x 2 passport type photograph, in color, front view and with a plain/white background. The photograph should be stapled to the marked space at the upper right-hand corner of the application form. Please be careful not to staple the face.

OR - you can upload a photo when you place your order, instead of providing physical passport photos.

Other Forms:

Long-Term / 1-year Visa Applicants: If you are applying for a 1-year, multiple-entry visa, you must provide (1) an original Letter of Invitation from Belarus, (2) a notarized or original Certificate of Registration of the company in Belarus, and (3) a contract with the company in Belarus (all pages must be notarized).

Official Invitation:

For a stay of more than 30 days, an original or a copy of a letter of invitation from an agency, company or organization in the Republic of Belarus, which is registered as a legal entity by the Belarusian authorities, plus one copy. A letter of invitation should be printed on the official letterhead with a registration number, date of issue, and should bear the signature of an official and a corporate seal. It should also indicate the expected duration of the applicant's stay in Belarus. An inviting party must provide written guarantees that an invitee will abide by the rules and regulations applied to foreign citizens in the Republic of Belarus.

Sample short-term type C business invitation
An original or copy of the letter is accepted.

Sample long-term type D business invitation
The original invitation is required, along with an authenticated copy of contract between Belarusian company and you or company where you work for the long term multiple entry D visa.

Proof of Insurance:

Valid health/accidental/repatriation insurance with full international coverage. A photocopy of the front and back of the insurance card as well as a letter from applicant's insurance company (original or copy) is required. This letter should contain the following information:

- Name, address and phone number of the insurance company;

- Full name of the policy holder;

- Insurance policy number;

- Insurance territorial coverage (should be valid in Belarus or worldwide);

- Insurance term of validity (should be valid through the period of the travel or temporary residence in Belarus);

- Amount of emergency medical coverage (should not be less than 10 000 Euro ~ 13 500 US Dollars).

Note: A photocopy of the insurance card alone will not be sufficient enough to meet the above requirements.

Special Instructions:

Travelers must register passport with the local Passport and Visa Office of the Ministry of Interior within 5 business days of arrival to Belarus. If staying in a hotel, this will be arranged by the hotel services (reception bureau).

Applicants who formerly had USSR or Belarusian citizenship must submit documentation proving the loss of USSR/Belarusian citizenship w visa application.

This is MedDoviaus service order form, where you will provide your contact and shipping information, choose the visa processing needed and make your payment. You must print the completed form and send it to MedDoviaus with all other supporting documents.

Visa Validity:

Visa validity is usually based on the official invitation.

Visa Processing Time:

Belarus visas are usually processed in 6 business days.

Documents required for China

Any foreign student who intends to study in China will have to obtain China student visa. This visa is granted to those students who have already been accepted for admission by a recognized educational institute in China.
Foreign students who want to study in China must apply for and obtain the student visa before they arrive in China.
China student visa is also known as X visa. The student visa is applicable for studying, carrying out advanced studies or participating in fieldwork in China

Types of China Student Visa

There are two types of China student visas – X1 visa and X2 visa.

Chinese Student (X1) Visa : This is a long term student visa that is issued to applicants who want to stay and study in China for a period of more than 6 months (180 days). X1 visa is normally issued for multiple entries with validity of up to 5 years.

X1 visa holders must register at the local Public Security Bureau (PSB) within 30 days of arrival in China and apply for a Temporary China Residence Permit from the local PSB.

Chinese Student (X2) Visa : This is a short term student visa that is issued to applicants who want to stay and study in China for a period of less than 6 months (180 days). X2 visa is normally issued for single entry with validity of up to 6 months.

Eligibility Criteria for China Student Visa

  • You must provide proof of being enrolled as a student in one of China’s educational institutes that is accredited for offering courses or internships to foreigners
  • You must provide the original copy and a photocopy of admission letter from a university or Chinese school
  • In case you are applying for Chinese Medical Internship, you must provide the original copy and a photocopy of Application Form for Medical Internship and Admission Notice for training in practice issued by the university
  • You must have a valid passport
  • Your passport must have a validity that extends the duration of the visa you are applying for by at least 6 months
  • Your passport must have at least two blank pages
  • You must have a copy of your completed application form with a recent passport photograph attached to it
  • You must have the original copy and a photocopy of approved Foreign Student Visa Application Form JW201 or JW202 (for X1 visa applicants only). The form must have been filled by your university in China and stamped and signed by the university chancellor.
  • You must have proof of legal stay or residence status (applicable to those applicants who are not applying for the visa in their country of citizenship)
  • You must provide a Physical Examination Certificate for Foreign Citizen (Health Certificate) if you intend to study in China for more than one year. Your health certificate must indicate that you are in good physical and mental health and are free from any kind of contagious diseases
  • You must show your intention to leave China at the end of your authorized stay

Steps to follow to apply for China Student Visa

Before you apply for China student visa, read about the required documents and the processing time needed for the visa to be issued. In most cases the processing time required is 4 working days.

Once you are aware of all the details regarding the application, you can go ahead with the following procedure:

Step 1 : Download visa application form

You can download the Visa Application Form V.2013 from the internet.

Step 2 : Fill out the visa application form

Fill the visa application form carefully and accurately on your computer. Take a print out of the filled-in application form and sign it. Remember that a print out of the application form is essential as hand written forms are not acceptable.

Note that change or correction is not allowed on the printed form. So, before you take a print out of the filled-in application form look carefully to eliminate any errors.

Step 3 : Gather your documents

Make a check list and gather all the documents required for submission with your visa application. Get all the required documents, photocopies of all the documents and the visa application fee ready before you proceed further.

Step 4 : Keep your JW201 or JW202 form ready

Keep the original JW201 or JW202 form and its photocopy ready for submission. Note that the JW201 or JW202 form must be issued by the Ministry of Education, Gov. of China. Every form has a unique code that is issued by the Chinese Ministry of Education (MedDoviaus), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA), the Ministry of Public Security (MOP) and local governments.

As such, it must not be downloaded by you from the internet but must have been sent to you by the concerned Chinese authorities.

Step 5 : Provide your photograph

Provide a recent colour passport type photograph for your visa application form. Make sure that your photograph matches or corresponds to all the specifications required for visa photographs.

In any case, your photograph must not be more than 6 months old. You will need to submit one copy of your passport photograph along with your visa application form.

Step 6 : Submit the visa application form

Submit your visa application form at the Chinese Embassy or Consulate or at the Chinese diplomatic mission in your home country.

You can submit your application in person. In case you cannot come personally for the submission, you can send it through a travel agency or a visa agency for submission on your behalf. Remember that applications sent by post are not accepted by most of the Chinese Embassies or Consulates.

Step 7 : Pay the visa application fee

Normally you have to pay the visa application fee when you go to collect your passport. However, in case of some countries it must be paid when you apply for the visa.

Check with the Chinese Embassy or Consulate in your home country to know when you must pay the visa application fee.

Required Fees for China Student Visa

The student visa application fee varies according to your nationality, the number of entries required, the country you are applying in, and whether you want an express service.

Fees for China student visa Single Entry (for Indians) – INR 2000.00

Note :

  • Your application fee will not be refunded if your application for a student visa is refused or rejected for any reason.
  • The visa application fee is subject to change at any time.

Dos and Don’ts of China Student Visa

You must remember the following dos and don’ts while applying for China student visa.


  • You must fill in the application form and then get it printed after filling it up
  • Apply for a student visa at least a few weeks in advance of your planned travel date to allow enough time for the application procedure to be completed on time for you to join your course
  • Fill up your application form carefully with all accurate details
  • Bring original copies and photocopies of all supporting documents when you come to submit your visa application form at the Chinese Embassy or Consulate
  • Provide any other document that may be demanded by the Chinese Embassy or Consulate to issue you a student visa

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